Caesar The No Drama Llama greets new four legged friend at Salem's Riverfront Park Pavillion

Tell us more about Caesar?

Caesar is four years old and lives on Mystic Llama Farm. He is championship award winning Show Llama. His interactions as a show llama cemented what Larry had suspected about Caesar's gentle and affectionate nature making him a wonderful companion on outings. 

Caesar doesn't eat from your hand and in place of bringing him treats we ask that you consider donating some non-perishable goods to the Marion Polk Food Share in his name. On the farm he does enjoy apples and carrots with his herd. Llamas especially enjoy fir boughs. In 2018 60 families were able to save the standard $10 disposal fee by instead bringing their tree to Caesar and getting hugs and pics with him. He and his herd are still munching happily away on their bounty. 

Caesar is not trained to perform any tricks, what you see is the natural personality, intelligence and amazing creature he was born as. He does not spit. Just like all dogs can bite but not all dogs do bite, Caesar does not spit.

Caesar should live to around 20 years old and, as his owners are vegetarians, when his time comes he will be buried and return to the earth.

His shearing is called a Poodle Cut and each year he produces around 4lbs of fiber that is used to make things like rugs, shawls, socks, scarves, etc. If you own a Pendleton blankets that you've bought in the last few years, odds are good that you've been snuggling up to Caesar for a while now.

How can I hire Caesar for an event?

The short answer is, you can't. Caesar The No Drama Llama is a purely not-for-profit endeavor by a group of volunteers. If you're hosting a fundraiser or charitable event, we will, as time permits, bring him to your event at no charge. We also offer Llama Visits as prizes to schools and the like to auction off to raise $, again, no charge.

When it comes to private events like birthday parties, baby showers, etc, we will bring Caesar for the final 1/2 hour of your party if you either have your guests bring donations for a locally agreed upon charity or make a straight $ donation to the charity in Caesar's name. Given the amount of time it takes to get Caesar ready for appearances, we do try to schedule such appearances on the same day he's already scheduled for a charitable cause. We have been known to create a charitable event to fill in his schedule for parties as well.

Does he really need an entourage?

Short answer, yes. All of Caesar's team are volunteers. Larry is recently retired. Ariel is a disabled mom and her two teenage daughters help as their school and work schedules permit. We're very lucky to have a small pool of others who are happy to volunteer for an event or day when they can.

For the most part, Larry is Caesar's handler at events. Natascha is his photographer at events she attends and it's her camera Ariel uses when Natascha has to work. Cadence attends events as her schedule permits and helps out when we do, on occasion, sell trinkets, like "I Hugged Caesar The No Drama Llama" buttons and keychains. A portion of all sales is always donated to charity and the remainder is put toward the cost of business cards, this website, gasoline and the prizes we give away. If a charity wants us to sell at their event we donate no less than 30% of the sales to them. 

Corralling the excited friends at events is, ideally, a two person job. For a successful public appearance, as we often will hold events in local parks and other locations generously made available to us, at minimum we need a handler for Caesar (Larry) someone to take photos with our camera as well as taking pictures with guests cameras for them and another to wrangle the crowd. Preparing them on where Caesar enjoys being touched and where he doesn't along with answering questions and helping nervous guests feel comfortable. Add any selling to an event and another two people are needed.

Again, this is a not-for-profit endeavor staffed by a small pool of volunteers.

So, what's the deal, why do you do this?

There are multiple reasons:

Caesar enjoys his interactions. He snuggles with people. He poses, he even looks for the camera lens. When Caesar no longer is enjoying those things, he will retire to the farm and live out his days as Chick A Boom, the llama Larry used to take to malls, schools and care homes (for free) has done. 

It can be a cold, hard world and spreading llama llove and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he meets is an amazing opportunity for all of us. 

There's a llama who loves meeting people, a world that needs more good in it and along the way we get to generate donations to local charities and help small businesses (they let us use their sidewalk and parking lot and we give them free publicity) as well as assorted home-businesses who are invited to sell at some events with the understanding they'll donate a portion of their sales as well. Why wouldn't we do this? Also, as an aside (and, btw everything written on this site, and most of social media is by Ariel) getting to hang out with a llama and seeing all the joy he brings to people is the best possible volunteer job. (I'd know, I've been volunteering for two decades.)

Tell me more about what kinda things you do?

So far? Caesar visits classrooms and preschools. He goes to care homes, rehabilitation centers and memory care centers. Caesar attends rallies in support of civil rights. Caesar has been known to visit a sick child at home. Caesar and Santa (you might notice Santa's family resemblance to Larry, they're cousins) host events to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial status, can see and have their picture taken with Santa & Caesar. Santa & Caesar visit HeadStart programs as well. 

Caesar enjoys strolling in down town Salem and is often found at their First Wednesday events, not in a fixed location, just strolling along, pausing for hugs and pictures.

About those free pictures?

If we could afford to print the pictures out for you, we'd do it in a heartbeat. Instead, we offer to take pictures with both our camera and your phone. Any combination is fine by us. Any pictures you allow us to take with our camera go up in an album on our Facebook page, we will take down any picture on request as well as send you the higher resolution original, with no watermarks, for you to use however you see fit. (If you do get it printed on a coffee mug or framed, we'd love to see a pic of it!) Parents will often hesitate to be in pictures, which is part of why we offer to use your phone for the pictures, so that you have complete control over the picture and privacy. Too many parents aren't in pictures and regret it later. We want to provide you with a lasting memory of your interactions with Caesar.