Please read prior to requesting an appearance

What You Need To Know


   Caesar lives on Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon. Please be mindful of the distance involved in appearing at your event as mileage compensation may be required. Additionally you will need to secure parking for the truck and trailer. Failure to do so may result in the appearance being turned down or cancelled. The truck and trailer can be parked in two head to head parking spaces in a lot or four consecutive parallel parking spaces on the street. (In some situations two parallel spaces near an intersection might be possible.)

   Caesar is housebroken and, as he doesn't have hooves, presents no danger of damaging interior flooring. Therefore he does great inside a variety of venues. If your event is outside we need a canopy or other covering to protect both Caesar and his team from the elements. While it may seem counterintuitive, it's better for Caesar to be on unnatural ground as he can become distracted and prefer to munch on your grass.

  If your event is public, please either add us as co-hosts on your Facebook Event Page or provide us with sufficient details so we can create an event to get the word out to Caesar’s friends where he’ll be and when. Please run any advertising you do past us prior to running it, this includes the photos of Caesar you’ll be using. All pics in our Facebook albums are fine to use, and we often have higher resolution versions if needed. Coordinating advertising with us also means we may be able to create unique stickers to hand out for free at your event.

  Please note that we do not allow anyone to charge for access to Caesar, his hugs and digital pictures are always free. The only exception is that charitable organizations are allowed to place a tip jar near Caesar and all monies received will go to them, never to us.

   When Caesar is on the farm his halter is off and he's free to do what llamas do. This is important to know because it's why it takes Larry approx. two hours to groom Caesar for an appearance. While you might only request a 30 minute appearance, given grooming time and commute that can be a five hour day for Caesar & crew. For this reason we're no longer able to agree to short visits more than 20 miles from the farm unless we're able to schedule them on a day we have another, longer, appearance near you. We may make exceptions when we're able, but please know that our priority will always be what's best for Caesar.

   Everything Caesar does is related to charity in some way. If your event includes vendors we may request that No Drama Swag be sold alongside Caesar. Currently 10% of all No Drama Swag sales are donated to Marion Polk Food Share. If your event is a fundraiser No Drama Swag will donate an additional 10% of sales to that as well. The remainder of the proceeds go to covering our related expenses.

   For major events we're happy to pencil you in and reserve the date, however we cannot confirm his appearance until two to six weeks prior. Caesar is not a trained animal. What you see is his natural personality. There may come a time when Caesar no longer enjoys his interactions at events and we will, at that point, allow him to retire to the farm. We currently have two other llamas that are similarly inclined to affectionate interactions that may be joining the team.

   Please keep all of this in mind when planning your event and requesting an appearance. We do give precedence to charitable organizations and fundraisers, though we do a limited number of paid business events to help fund our endeavors. We are not a non-profit, as we're simply a group of not-for-profit volunteers. As such our response time can be delayed.

  • Teachers - we're more likely to be able to accept your request when the visit involves more students, so coordinate with your colleagues and know that Caesar does great with kids and crowds. Please let us know ahead of time if you'd like us to do photographs. If you have waivers for all your students we'll, with your approval, share them on our Facebook page and parents are welcome to request the higher resolution version, no watermarks, from us at no charge. If you don't have waivers but would still like photography we can provide you with a link to a folder of the photos and we won't use them ourselves.

  • Care Homes - Caesar can interact with your mobile residents in your day room as well as go room to room, bed to bed, with each resident unable to come to him. (Please see waiver text regarding photography to teachers above.)
  • Charitable Organizations - depending on your fundraiser it may be more feasible for us to donate to you a Caesar appearance (of at least 30 minutes) to auction off at your event and you keep the proceeds. 


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