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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But All Blood Donors Are Heroes

 Larry The Llama Guy McCool has been donating blood regularly for many years. He's well versed in the good these donations do. It was meeting #FierceAvaLynn that sprouted the idea that a slight spin-off could do even more good for our community. After more than a year of good work for our community and numerous requests to accept donations, we've arrived at a compromise. A way Caesar's two legged friends can contribute to a specific type of event.

Not all heroes wear capes, but all those who donate blood are heroes; Caesar's Heroes was born. Our inaugural event is 12/10/19 and we're honoring AvaLynn by naming it Caesar's Heroes - AvaLynn's Blood Drive

This is the first of many worthwhile events that Caesar's Heroes will be sponsoring in the months ahead. We plan to continue hosting blood drives at least quarterly and those donors will be Caesar's Heroes.  We want to reward Caesar's two-legged friends for their blood donations and one of those ways is custom Caesar's Heroes t-shirts we'd like to give each donor.  This is where you come in, whether as an individual or business, we need sponsors to cover the initial costs.

We're also looking to cover costs of snacks, drinks, and other fun give aways to make every blood drive as successful as the first. While the blood drive is new ground, Caesar also holds annual food drives, toy drives and school supply drives and we're just getting started.


Donation Tiers:

$50 will cover 5 T-Shirts for blood donors - those five donors can save 15 lives with their donation. 

$150 will cover 15 T-Shirts - that's 45 lives saved.

$250 or more will cover 25 T-shirts and get your name/logo printed on the back of the T-shirts as well as on our social media platforms, website and event signage. 75 lives saved.

$500 or more will cover 50 T-Shirts and same as above plus up to 90 minutes for an office party for your business. 150 lives saved.

$1,000 and up will receive all of the above. 300+ lives saved.

Donations of any amount are appreciated. Every $1 helps us help others.

Please note that we are a not-for-profit volunteer endeavor and do not have non-profit status.  Any monies received will be used only to cover costs of Caesar's therapy & charity work. We plan to continue hosting blood drives and other worthwhile events and causes.

We'll also gladly accept donations that aren't $, if you have a service or package of products you'd like to donate to be given as a prize to donors or would like to donate your goods/services the day of the event in the form of supply donations, volunteering, etc please let us know.

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"...loved your llama friend, by the way. Great beard, beautiful kisser, unexpectedly long tongue..." Uncle Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. AvaLynn blew past having a village a long time ago. She has inspired and created so much beauty in this world that will be a legacy we all come together to recognize and carry on in her name.

This amazing video is just one of many testaments to the love and affection so many feel for AvaLynn and we'd be remiss if we didn't recognize
The Narrative for their amazing skills and, of course, Uncle Deadpool for making sure Ava knows her legacy will live on.