Llama Appearances

Engagement Party

Caesar The No Drama Llama Party

Caesar The No Drama Llama can add even more excitement to your Engagement Party, just $199 for 60 minutes.

Bridal Shower

Caesar The No Drama Llama

Let Caesar The No Drama Llama add an element of fun to your Bridal Shower, $149 for 30 minutes.


Caesar The No Drama Llama

Caesar The No Drama Llama at your wedding? $299 for 90 minutes, your choice of wedding and/or reception.

Baby Shower

Caesar The No Drama Llama

What better way to celebrate the newest addition to your family than a 30 minute appearance by Caesar for $149

Anniversary Party

Caesar The No Drama Llama

Caesar The No Drama Llama wants to help you celebrate your nuptials and love. $199 for 60 minutes.

Birthday Party

Caesar The No Drama Llama

Nothing's a bigger hit at a birthday party, regardless of age, than a 30 minute visit from Caesar The No Drama Llama. $149


What You Need To Know

While Caesar will continue his Charity/Therapy events in the community, Team Caesar, by popular demand, will be offsetting the cost of his free events by booking a limited number of paid events as shown above.

Caesar is groomed for two hours prior to every public appearance and is hypoallergenic as well as house broken. We will Save Your Date for a $100 non-refundable deposit. The first 30 miles from Mystic Llama Farm (in Jefferson, Oregon) are free and each additional mile (round trip) are just .50 per mile.

Request an appearance today:



He loves kids, super friendly and sweet. Has super soft fur you can touch that is what and lets people hug him and take pictures with him.

~ Dani V Buff

We absolutely adore Caesar and his family! We were blessed to have them at our wedding, sharing the most memorable day in our lives with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without them ! Caesar loves everyone, even our dog!

~ Nicole Reznick

Completely a surprise to me. I expected a slightly ornery, standoffish, camel-like animal. Caesar is sweet, comfortable around humans and quite a wonderful addition to the community. 

~ Susan Elizabeth-Marsh Tanabe

 What a wonderful creature and team of people who bring Caesar to the people who lined up around the block for him. Caesar remembered Nora from their meeting last month. Caesar nuzzled her and was so sweet with everyone. What a special llama!  

~ Julie Mohr

 Best experience ever.... loved to be able to give Caesar a hug and hang out and pet him thank you for sharing him with all of us 

~ Janet Stone-Eng