Team Caesar

Our Programs

Charitable Events

 Hosting a charity event or rally and looking for a fun and unique guest star? We've got the llama you've been llooking for.  Subject to availability we will bring Caesar to your event for no charge. Hugs & selfies with Caesar are always free.

Personal Events

 We offer a variety of ways for Caesar's friends to throw personal events with Caesar in attendance. Whether you have your guests bring donations for an agreed upon charity or make a flat fee donation in Caesar's name, we do not receive payment for this. Subject to availability as well as safety and comfort of Caesar.

We also visit schools and small care homes for no fee and are always looking for more ways to share Caesar with the world.

Business Events

We do provide Caesar for a limited number of paid business events. Doing so helps us afford to continue his charitable events for free. Larger care homes, office parties, company picnics and the like are just some of the events a Caesar appearance can be the perfect endcap of.

LLama Baywatch

Larry gives Caesar a little run after a potty break. Revlon is really missing out, they need a spokesllama. Not Caesar,